Benefits and Advantages

Tools usually repaired and returned within 7 business days.
Estimate Costs:
$95.00 – Bazooka
$40.00 – Small Tools
Estimate costs are applied to final repair service.
Convenient drop-off/pick-up in our location.
Emergency repairs (additional fees/restrictions apply).
Serving all Bay Area.

Price includes normal wear parts. Any additional parts required may increase the total charge. The above charges may be lower if all maintenance (wear) parts are not required on service tools.
Tools that are not picked up within 30 days, will be sold to cover labor expenses.

(Bazooka) Automatic Taper Maintenance $250 + Tax

Loading Pump Maintenance $90 + Tax

Corner Roller Maintenance $90 + Tax

Angle Head Maintenance $120 + Tax

Angle Box Maintenance $90 + Tax

Nail Spotter $90 + Tax

Finish Box Maintenance $90 + Tax

Finish Box Handle Maintenance $90 + Tax

Extender Finishing Box Handle Maintenance $90 + Tax